Online Gambling Fans Place "Nostalgic" Big Brother Bets

Tomorrow's final brings down the curtain on 11 series of Big Brother.
One bookmakers has told how it has taken a significant amount of money, including several four-figure bets, on tomorrow's (August 24th) Big Brother final.

William Hill says almost all the wagers have been backing 1/10 hot favourite Josie, with the 12/1 on offer for joint-second favourites Dave and Mario relatively untouched.

Those looking for a slightly larger return might forecast the first and second positions, with Josie followed by Dave and Josie leading Mario both rated as 5/4 chances.

"With tomorrow marking the end of an era, we’re getting quite a few nostalgic punters lumping on the Big Brother finale," says the bookmakers' spokesman Joe Crilly.

He is, of course, referring to the fact that this year's series is to be Big Brother's last, with Channel 4 planning to axe the show.

Since starting in 2000, its winners include the likes of Brian Dowling, Kate Lawler, Craig Phillips and Sophie Reade.
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Online Gambling Fans Place "Nostalgic" Big Brother Bets
Online Gambling Fans Place "Nostalgic" Big Brother Bets
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