Kansas Casino Starts

Kansas Casino Starts Loading in Slot Machines For 2012 Opening and the residents in the state of Kansas have been waiting decades for a casino they can call their own for this week, that reality moved one step closer when the slot machines for the Mulvane gaming facility started being delivered from Las Vegas.

Bally Technologies, which distributes the slot machines for hundreds of casinos around the US, started to ship the slot machines in groups of fifty to seventy in trucks to the process by which the machines were delivered is something that one would believe only existed in movies and the slot machines are marked with a serial number is recorded by Bally before the machines are wrapped and loaded on to a truck to the truck is then sealed to ensure that nothing funny can happen with the machines while en route to Mulvane. Once the machines arrive, casino officials, along with gaming regulators, check the machines in by recording the serial numbers.

The casino to ensure that the machines are not tampered with or exchanged and the surveillance cameras are already in place at the Mulvane facility and the cameras are directed at the areas where the machines will be stored until the casino opens early next year of the slots are being delivered to the exact location they will be in when the casino open is a historic week for us here in Mulvane, said resident Mike Baxter.
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Kansas Casino Starts
Kansas Casino Starts
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