Snowbound And The Gambling Online

I always had a secret fear that one day there would be a big snowfall and our low lying house would be completely covered over it’s happened and the house must be invisible from the street in nothing for it but to fire up the computer, send out a few SOS emails and then gamble online until help arrives and the i start off by checking the balance in my deposit account in the online casino and find that it looks fairly healthy and i will need to win if I want to gamble seriously.

I can gamble online to my heart’s content and i start with the slots, to get my fingers warmed up to drop single coins to make my money last longer and keep some for the heavy gambling that I hope is coming later and once or twice I manage to line up 4 cherries and I hear the bells jangling as I hit a small jackpot and then a message comes up on the screen.

You Are Playing Slots in the Silver Spanner, The World’s Number One Online Casino play Max Coins and You Qualify For Our Progressive Jackpot! You Could Win Millions! and that sounds more like my style to imagine winning a million dollars gambling online while being snowed in that would be poetic justice!
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Snowbound And The Gambling Online
Snowbound And The Gambling Online
Reviewed by Merlyn Rosell
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