A Gambling GURU

A day will be remembered by many gamblers around the world as the day we lost a great one, Octopus Paul, the World Cup Guru passed away of natural causes in the eight-legged sensation of the World Cup this year became a household name around the world for his expertise in picking the winners of eight consecutive games and they are residing in Germany.

And they are originally for the sea, Octopus Paul was adorable with all his legs and suction cups to you couldn’t resist the urge to cuddle with him to a good-natured and good-looking, Paul spent the last year of his life helping the gamblers in the world make winning bets and reap the riches of his expertise in the World Cup games, Paul’s popularity was front-page news everywhere and people were actually taking bets on whether Paul would get the next game right or wrong.

They are exciting as some of the games themselves, Octopus Paul leaves a legacy to no pun intended that all other Octopi can strive for the charming, gambling guru of the sports betting world, who grabbed all nations with his luck and knowledge of soccer!
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A Gambling GURU
A Gambling GURU
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