In complete contrast to the kind of year the 888.com gambling business endured in 2010, 2011 seems to have turned around for this online gambling operating giant and with a new poker product which has done really well, 888 pulled out of merger talks with Ladbrokes early in the year as business continued to pick up well and the apparently Britons are turning more to online gaming in the entertainment needs in a poor economy and 888 has once again become a preferred brand.

The currently 888 Holdings Plc is expecting 2011 earnings to be ahead of market estimates significantly ahead to a slow economy, more British consumers preferring to stay at home where it is safe, warm, and entertainment does not cost an arm and a leg in traditionally the 3rd quarter in the UK is when business is slow as this is the period where summer holidays play havoc with the gambling industry against all expectations to the contrary to trading actually remained robust and the 888.com are not the only online gambling concern to benefit from this changing entertainment trend rivals, Bwin to party digital are one of the largest listed online gambling businesses in the world and they have announced that their third-quarter revenue has been the highest ever historically achieved.

The business grew 42% to $86 million, and as of September 30th, 2011, they had 10.1 million registered casino, poker, sport and other betting real-money customer accounts is an increase of 24% over the same period during 2010 to updates from consumer-facing UK businesses are saying the Britons are more cash-strapped than ever and are making a conscious decision to stay home and to this news also comes amid fears of the country slipping back into a recession of a 888 Holdings Plc Chairman, Brian Mattingly said, that they expected EBITDA for the full year year ending 31st December to be something like $33.5 million.
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