A Poker Players President? Gary Johnson

There are many ways of trying to run a successful Presidential Election campaign one way is by getting your hands on specific niche for popular votes to a presidential Candidate and former Governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson is targeting areas where many voters will hopefully place an X on the ballot next to his name and the latest popular vote up for grabs is that of online poker and what the future holds for internet gambling.

Gary Johnson antes up for the poker vote!

The Candidate Johnson plan is to repeal the Internet gambling ban Congress passed in 2006, he recently spent 3 days in Las Vegas seeking the votes and campaign contributions of poker players and he opposes laws that infringe on personal freedom like the Patriot Act to the Internet gambling regulations and the PROTECT IP Act.

The former New Mexico govenor spent his days in Las Vegas addressing several issues and including addressing the annual Two Plus Two poker party he attended an event hosted by The Poker Players Alliance at the Rio where Governor Johnson met with members of the press and he also spoke at the Conservative Leadership Conference president Obama has not committed to a resolute plan in fact millions of online poker players in the USA are eagerly awaiting for members and leaders of congress to correctly address this issue to this actually makes a very good game plan for guaranteed votes if you look at it logically.
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A Poker Players President? Gary Johnson
A Poker Players President? Gary Johnson
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