Online Gambling For A New German Proposals Still Being Ground-out.

Industry complaints have once again led German law-makers to revise online gambling regulations in this regard in this country and the wheels of Government are grinding very slowly for the regulations are barely coming about that are acceptable to any operators or the EU in this country appears to be posing a huge problem for the industry in virtually every time they present a reform the European Commission objects to the changes as not being in line with EU policy in just last week 15 of the 16 Federal German states agreed to reduce a proposed 16.6% tax for online gambling turnover down to 5%. That is one heck of a big leap in only a week! In addition to the reduction.

To tax, the states also announced that they would allow an initial twenty licenses to be granted, which is another massive about face, over the original seven promised and these changes are moot when you consider that they do not apply to either online casino or poker games this form of gambling online would still be banned in Germany according to the new regulations it makes one ask, what is the point of even bothering? The only State actually taking a serious look at the online gambling industry in a licensing capacity is Schleswig Holstein to which made a decision months ago for a 20% gross profits tax.

Although at a higher rate than turnover tax, online gambling operators see it as being far more favorable reacted, saying that slow steps in the right direction are taking place, but at what cost? Betfair is critical, calling the changes incompatible with EU law, and the Remote Gambling Association calls it both disappointing and severely limiting and the European Commission is also concerned, but has not reacted to the latest proposals as of yet for a Whether things will ever change for the better only remains to be seen in time.
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Online Gambling For A New German Proposals Still Being Ground-out.
Online Gambling For A New German Proposals Still Being Ground-out.
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