A Online Poker Guinness World Record

The short while ago we were discussing the fact that Poker Stars were setting up to break their own Guinness World Record to this was for the biggest number of people playing simultaneously in a single online poker tournament and the incentives were obviously too good to resist with a buy-in of only $1 to compete and great prizes up for grabs on Sunday, 200,000 players logged in and smashed the previous world record for the last record attempt they had 149,196 players buy in.

The fact that Poker Stars is the largest online poker site in the world nothing will it is also interesting to note that the tournament was capped at 200 000 registered players just how far things might have gone to there was no cap on the tourney?! and the guinness World Record Adjudicator Gaz Deaves confirmed that the record had been broken and joined Team Poker Stars Fatima Moreira de Melo in a celebration at the Hilton Hotel Prague De Melo said.

A Online poker is so popular because it allows anyone to compete in the same tournaments with the best players in the world, and gives them the opportunity to become champion poker stars, Prague is the latest pit stop on the european Poker Tour and the tournament champion in this World record beating attempt is Russian player “sokoluk1991 to the date behind his alias is an indication of his age, sokoluk1991 is only 20 years old! He/she walked away with a guaranteed prize of $50 000 in the online poker account.
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A Online Poker Guinness World Record
A Online Poker Guinness World Record
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