Control Online Gambling Australian Bankers Have Their Say

There are thousands of online gambling destinations on the internet and the most of these online casinos, bingo, poker and sports betting sites accept real money play from Australian punters to the law in this country stands in such a way that although these activities are intrinsically illegal for operators to run from Australia.

They are not 100% illegal for players to play and the basically the law says that the onus for legality lays upon the operator and not the player to millions of Australian punters happily gamble offshore and the currently the Australian federal Government is looking at what options they have available to them to control online gambling in they are also re-examining their own laws in this regard and have suggested that they use a similar control mechanism as the USA.

This is UIGEA where banks and payment processors are forced not to process financial transaction from people playing at online gambling sites and the UIGEA has really not done what it was actually designed to do and was a very badly implemented law in the Bankers Association of Australia has no influence over any decisions made by the federal government to everyone is allowed to have their say to what they say is that targeting banks and online payment processors is simply not a solution.
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Control Online Gambling Australian Bankers Have Their Say
Control Online Gambling Australian Bankers Have Their Say
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