Applications Launched Betfair iPhone and iPad Apple Store.

The last financial year, despite the fact that Befair shares are not faring all that well on the stock exchange to this online betting operator has still taken more than £1 billion in bets through mobile during the last financial year and the understandably this has led to Betfair making considerable upgrades to the mobile product range they currently offer to their sports betting clients.

They are includes mobile web application upgrades to Betfair Touch to their flagship product, as well as the launch of two new native applications for both iPad and iPhone, which you will now find available in the Apple iStore to upgrades to Betfair Touch include, faster response time, live scores, account loss, deposit limit, enhanced in-play betting and search capabilities in all of these contribute massively to an extremely evolved customer proposition.

A updated iPhone 2.3 application also features the capability to both deposit and withdraw real funds to a card or other payment option, solely by mobile phone. This is the 1st time this resource has been available to Betfair mobile members to according to the company, customers have been increasingly requesting additional features in they are a sophisticated, tech-savvy gambling audience, who obviously know what they want.

They are more customers are using mobile handsets as a primary channel for sports betting, as well as other online gambling activities in the operator now has 168,000 active mobile users, which amount is up 122% year-on-year to these are extremely dramatic increases in use!
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Applications Launched Betfair iPhone and iPad Apple Store.
Applications Launched Betfair iPhone and iPad  Apple Store.
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