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There is no doubt about the fact that this has been an interesting week for the online and even the live gambling industry inn fact we could even go as far as to say has never been a dull moment. Ladbrokes has pulled out of Poland in due to the promulgation of draconian gambling laws and we are dying to know what the EU thinks about these new laws in the Rank Debacle is still rankling away, and apparently Guoco Group has made an offer to certain Rank shareholders in to a enable them to withdraw their acceptance for the sale of their shares.

A Rank shareholders were like rats off a drowning ship and accepted the 150 pence per share takeover offer for the stock in the guoco ended up with more than 85% of all shares, and apparently Ian Burk who resigned has withdrawn his resignation to the Full Tilt Poker License has been suspended by Alderney in apparently because of the April 15th DoJ indictments, and pending a licensing hearing. One wonders why this took so long to go down to having only been suspended on June 29th? ARJEL in the French Regulators for online poker sites are jumping on this banning’ bandwagon too.

They have also suspended Full Tilt Pokers French License, citing as “a direct consequence of the US indictments” in a statement was made that the company could reapply for a license, if and when this would ever be apt.
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Online Gambling News
Online Gambling News
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