OMI Gaming Releases Mobile Gaming.

A Mobile and multi-platform gaming specialist OMI Gaming, announced the release of Kazuri Casino Module is an easily integrated, mobile and multi-platform gaming solution that targets the major digital channels of gaming in mobile & tablets, web apps, native apps, online and kiosk in the full game suite can be played instantly from a tablet, smartphone or a computer.

Games run directly in the web browser, without the additional need of 3rd party plug-ins in Kazuri Casino Module games are supported on Windows, Windows-Mobile, OSX, IOS, Linux, android and modern web browsers in the game titles are packaged and distributed as mobile games for the smartphone & tablet channel and as full sized games for the online & kiosk channel.

Kazuri Casino Module Features:

• Great games with high entertainment value: fun, engaging and thrilling games drive revenue for the operators.

• Adaptive gaming: seamless integration of payment providers, third party accounting and gaming systems of your choice.

• Support for multi currency and multi language: configure the base currency and localization of your game clients.

• High level of Security: role based 128-bit SSL architecture with limited port access and server firewall.

• Free play: all games are playable in free play mode.

• Configurable prizes: handling wins in either goods or real money.

• Jackpot: progressive jackpot games.

• Data backups: business data is secured through master-slave replication.

• Maintainability: we apply unit tests for our core modules, simulate game rounds and nightly builds.
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OMI Gaming Releases Mobile Gaming.
OMI Gaming Releases Mobile Gaming.
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